Gryphon I GPS4400 2D

2D wired, multidirecto line barcode scanner



The Gryphon ™ GPS4490 is a compact and stylish, ideal solution in a small space. Its adjustable stand helps you scan easily and intuitively. Also, the stand can be easily removed if it is not needed, further reducing the dimensions of the scanner.

The fastened barcode Datalogic Gryphon I GPS4400 2D provides all the capabilities, as does the Gryphon GD4400 handheld scanner, but this scanner is available in presentation form. Its body is stylish in white or dark gray colors. The presentation form allows you to scan both small and heavier and larger items without taking your hands.

The compact size of this scanner makes it an ideal solution where it is important to save space. Adjustable rack position, allows you to choose an angle at which it will be possible to scan barcodes easily and intuitively. The stand can be easily removed when it is not needed, further reducing the dimensions of the scanner.

This fastenable barcode scanner Datalogic Gryphon can read codes from computer screens, phones, data logs and also has many other features that speed up scanning, allowing you to understand damaged, blurry or poorly printed codes. Like all Gryphon series products, this scanner has a successful scanning visual validation with Datalogic -proprietary Green Spot technology. The scanner supports advanced features such as scanning images/signatures, scanning documents. This eliminates the need for separate POS equipment.

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