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Trade equipment, maintenance and repair

We sell e-commerce equipment: cash registers, computerized trading systems (POS systems), barcode scanners, scales, hoards, specialized system units, monitors. We install, program and prepare commercial equipment for work, train personnel, register cash registers at the territorial state training inspectorate, perform warranty and post-warranty supervision of electronic registers and POS systems, consult on issues related to work with trading equipment. We try to meet every need you need, solve problems and answer your hearings.

We maintain and repair the following registers:

CR28; QMP18

RASO-01, RASO-12; ST-05; SA-97;

MP-55 PLUS; WP-500

FE-700; FE-800; FE-2000; CE-2300;


Euro-1000T; Euro-2000T Alpha; Euro-50T Mini; Euro-50TE Mini; Euro-150TE;



Computer equipment

We sell specialized system units, personal computers, laptops, their components and peripherals. We carry out computer equipment repairs, software cleaning, install and maintain computer networks. We find the most suitable solution according to your individual needs and possibilities.

We install, install and prepare servers with windiws server operating system.




Accounting software

We sell, implement accounting work programme "DB Askaita". "DB Accounting" is a system for recording and reporting the company's business documents for the computerization of bookkeeping work. It is possible to enter and store data of financial economic activity, process it, systematically according to the rules adopted in financial accounting. All documents and reports can be viewed, printed, or exported to ms word, MS EXCEL, etc. data processing programs used by MS Windows. A large variety of auxiliary settings expands the frames of standard accounting. All these advanced settings can be created, supplemented, or changed by the user himself. DB Accounting consists of separate mutually compatible modules. These modules are integrated into a single set and allow you to get aggregated results.

We integrate the computerized trading workspace with the cash register work center module of the accounting program "DB Apskaita".