Print No. TM-T88V

A reliable and fast receipt printer that can be connected to mobile devices to easily complement the traditional computer POS system with web and mobile POS services.



The TM-T88VI is an innovativeEpsonreceipt printer that works with both traditional computer POS systems and the growing popularity of web and tablet solutions. It is a great choice for shop, bar and restaurant owners who want to offer their customers new and convenient billing options, and for those who just want to use a traditional or common system.

Thermal printing of lines


Thermal pressure

Print speed

300 mm/sec

Check print column capacity

Paper width 80 mm, 56 / 42

Font height

0.99 mm (width) x 2.4 mm (height) / 1.41 mm (width) x 3.39 mm (height)

Set of characters

95 letters and numbers, 16 International, 128 x 43 graphically

Number of characters per inch

20 cpi / 15 cpi

Point density

180 DPI x 180 DPI

Color printing

Single colors

Paper type


Roll paper format

79,50 ± 0,50 (width) mm x diameter. 83,00 mm,
57,50 ± 0,50 (width) mm x diameter. 83.00 mm (option)


USB 2.0, Type B, RS-232 (Optional), Drawer Opening, Bidirectional Parallel (Optional)

Energy supply

PS-180 (additional equipment)

Working current strength

Standby: 0.1 A, Mean: 1.8 A

Work voltage

24 V

Product dimensions

145 x 195 x 148 mm (Width x Depth x Height)

Product weight

1.6 kg


Epson Dark Grey /Epson Cool White


Horizontal, Vertical, Wall Bracket

Plug connector

D.K.D. function (2 drivers)

Noise level

Operation: 55 dB (A)

Possible air humidity

Operation 10% - 90%, Storage 10% - 90%

Possible temperature

Operation 5°C - 45°C, Storage -10°C - 50°C


70,000,000 MCBF (lines), 360,000 MTBF (hours)

Duration of use of the cutter

2000.000 Cuttings

Printer usage time

20,000,000 Lines

Print head life

150 km - 150,000,000 impulses.

EMC standards

CE marking

Safety standards


Changing interface



Partial section


Paper End Sensor, Paper End-to-End Sensor, Open Cover Sensor

Existing add-ons

58 mm wide guide paper plate, Connector cover, Main unit, Power button cover, Thermal paper roll, User Guide


48 Months

Product Details
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Spausd. TM-T88VI

Patikimas ir spartus kvitų spausdintuvas, kurį galima prijungti prie mobiliųjų įrenginių ir taip lengvai papildyti tradicinę kompiuterinę POS sistemą žiniatinklio ir mobiliosiomis POS paslaugomis.

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Sam4s GCube

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