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Price per license per aggreer.



No more pen and paper! All work in stock or production will be done by the new EzCollector program!

Possible actions include:

Acceptance, Revenue, Validation, Inventory (Fixed Assets, Balances, Actual), Selection, Movement, Return, Issue, Sorting, Sales.

Available work modes:

imu-kaupu and e-document

Available types of scheduler files:

txt, csv, xls, xml or other formats that are convenient for you. You can connect to your application database or allow connections to tables in the EzCollector database.

You will only need to choose the most convenient Android mobile PC. The size of the screen doesn't matter, and you can set the font size for the information you need yourself!

In the program, select the language and user to whom action permissions are granted in advance by your system administrator. Each user may see information addressed to them in different actions (e.g. In the sale, the store manager will see the sales price, cost and supplier, while the seller will see only the sales price. It is important for the storekeeper where to find the item, so he will be shown warehouse location information instead of prices)

By the nature of the job, you can enter the document no., vendor or customer, date, item to be discovered by code or barcode, price, series, lot, expiration date, quantity, warehouse location, and so on. You can edit, append, undo records in the collected document. When you collect items, you will always see the accumulated quantity or amount (value).

Working in e-document mode, scanning together will check the selected items and refine the quantity available. You can import e-documents from an online store, ERP or any accounting program. Don't? It doesn't matter – Excell files will also work!

Send the accumulated information to the controlling computer via WiFi or 4G, where you will have all the detailed information about who, when, where, with whom and what they did. Data can be exchanged in txt, csv, xls, xml or other formats that are convenient for you.

Integration prices:

Integration with Rivile + 59,00 Eur + VAT


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