Printer DT2x

Sticker printer Godex DT2x – powerful, simple, compact barcode printer.



GODEX DT2x is extremely easy to use in a minimum space. This choice is extremely effective for all areas: retail, warehouses, logistics and transportation, healthcare labels, etc. Godex DT2 economy class self-adhesive label printer stands out from its competitor for its exceptional capabilities.

Sticker printer Godex DT2x capabilities:
  • 16 MB of SDRAM and 4 MB of Flash memory;
  • Print speed: Up to 7 inches / 177 mm per second;
  • Supports Ethernet, Serial and USB ports;
  • Improved label feed mechanism and instant label detection
  • Printer head resource – 50 km as industrial printer;
  • The printable width of the printer is up to 54 mm;
  • Ethernet connector built into the printer;
  • Especially easy to replace adhesive labels;
  • Golabel, Godex -labeling and printing program, is provided free of charge with printers.

Dimensions: 100 x 172 x 218 mm

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