RASO iPOS-22 + iSM-22

Computer cash register POS




Compact, easy-to-install, modern computer cash register POS RASO-01 with electronic control tape. Connects to a personal computer or specialized POS terminal.
Fiscal block RASO-01FB mounted on a computer or under a printer.

A barcode scanner, scales, programmable keyboard, magnetic card reader and other equipment can be connected to the register.

Usb storage of the control tape does not require USB media, as a micro SD card is inserted in the fiscal block itself.

The main technical RASOof the fiscal block is -01FB:

• Internal or external, mounted on the printer (i.e. not inside the computer)
• Connects to your computer via an external USB and/or COM connection
• FB meets the entry into force of special technical requirements for the collection and storage of electronic control strip data of registers, from the date of submission of the equipment with electronic control strip with the possibility to view it during the daytime, daily capacity 4MB data
• Number of fiscal day Z reports – 8061
• Tax content – 6
• Tax-free section – 1
• Billing types: cash, non-cash and currency
• Settlement types in cash – 5
• Settlement types currencies – 2
• Returns
• Benefits
• The retention time of the indestructible electronic memory information is 10 years
• Money drawer management: opening at the end of the receipt, opening without printing the receipt
• Accounting for cash, depositions and cash balances
• Possibility to print the sign of the contracting authority
• Working with printers via COM
• Possibility to print non-confidential documents
• Ensures the possibility to accept payments in euro (cash) and bank card or mixed
• Paper end error
• Printer inaction error (separate from paper expiry, e.g. when the lid is incompletely closed)
• FB meets the requirements set out in the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania
• FB is certified for use in the Republic of Lithuania (is included in the list of cash registers and trade (service) machine models allowed in the Republic of Lithuania)
• Comes with a receipt printer, monitor or lightbox for the buyer, money drawer
• Printing a unique voucher number;
• Receipt printer management;
• Two-way interface – data can be sent to and from FB;
• A shortened receipt form is available;
• Ensures the possibility to accept payments in euro and other currencies or in mixed currency;
• Percentage and absolute discount on voucher and voucher line;

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